Vamplifier, VCA

Two Vamplifiers

Why amplify when you can Vamplify?

Vamplifier is a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA), which uses Eurorack modular synthesizer standards for control voltage and audio signals. It also uses banana jacks instead of 1/8″ phono jacks, which I personally think allows for a LOT more fun/experimentation while patching.

— Goth night visual style
— Gain control when used with oscillating control voltage signal creates a delay-like effect (like a vampire bat hovering) — Audio 2 input can be driven beyond gain = 1 for unique audio effects — Three total CV inputs allow for many volume/timbre modulations — Final output level can have up to gain of 10 for overdriven sounds, or turning very quiet sounds up LOUD.

Audio 1 (black jack)
Audio 2 (with level control) (black jack)
Control voltage 1 (purple/grey jack)
Control voltage 2 (with level control) (purple/grey jack)
Audio 2 modification voltage (purple/grey jack)

Audio out (red jack)

Control voltage gain
Audio 2 level
Control voltage 2 level
Output audio signal level

An LED lights up relative to the amount of control voltage received. LED is purple.

Jacks are banana jacks. Color code: Black – audio input Purple or grey – control voltage input Red – audio output

Any inputs can take +/- 12V. Output can be ranged from 0 (no output) to +/-12V.

Video demonstration of Vamplifier: